Infant & Toddler Program

Infant & Toddler Centre

Welcome to St. Lawrence Co-operative Daycare Centre
Infant Program

The Infant and Toddler Centre is licensed for 20 infants and 20 toddlers by the Ministry of Education. The infant program has 2 rooms with the capacity of 10 infants in each room, ages 3 months to 18 months old. The toddler program has 2 rooms with the capacity of 10 toddlers in each room, ages 18 months to 2½ years old.

Our loving, knowledgeable, dedicated staff conscientiously cares for up to 10 children. We always have three staff members in our infant room. We offer quality care in a safe, healthy, environment. All of our teachers are highly trained. In the infant room we follow each child’s individual schedule to remain consistent with the child’s schedule at home.

Through observation, learning your child’s cues, and consistent parent/staff communication, we build a loving, joyful relationship with your child. This close relationship enables us to individualize personal care.

St.Lawrence has an open door policy. This means that parents can visit their infant any time during the day.

Practices and Policies



  •  Healthy, safety, and positive parent relationships are top priorities
  • children are guided and supported in their social development
  • Loving, respectful, responsive care by dedicated staff
  • Play, self-discovery and self-expression
  • Nutritious whole foods – positive eating experiences
  • Age appropriate material and activities/experiences
  • Consistent practices among staff
  • Use playground twice daily (if weather permits)



Behaviour Management


At this stage in a toddler’s development many changes are taking place. They are struggling to become more independent, autonomous while continuing to develop their own identity. Because of this they may experience conflict during their day that is difficult and upsetting to them. The teachers use a variety of strategies to assist a child who is experiencing conflict while supporting their need for autonomy:

  • Helping a child to find the necessary words
  • Demonstrating, showing by example
  • Removing items when used inappropriately
  • Helping children develop empathy
  • Redirecting
  • Anticipating conflict before it happens
  • Providing an interesting and developmentally appropriate room set up


Meals and Snacks


The day care provides one a.m. snack, two p.m. snacks, and a hot lunch. The menu is posted in each toddler room and on the bulletin board located in the main hallway. Please instruct your child’s room teacher of any allergies, restrictions or changes in your child’s eating patterns.


  • creating a positive experience towards food
  • encouraging the exploration of different foods
  • encouraging language
  • developing social skills and promoting independence
  • facilitating opportunities for sensory exploration


Toddler Room And Set Up

The toddler playroom has a separate washroom, which also includes a change area. Your child’s diaper is checked and changed approximately every two hours. Parents are responsible to provide diapers, ointments/creams etc… As a reminder parents are asked to check/change their child’s diaper during a.m. drop off at the day care centre. Diapers and ointments/creams are labeled for each child and stored in the selves above the change area. The procedure for diaper changing and the diaper chart are located on the cupboards above the change table. Parents are responsible for supplying extra clothing for their child. When your diapers are running low we will put a reminder in your child’s cubby or in your communication book. Please ensure your child’s blanket, extra clothing, etc… are labeled with their name. Our toilets are designed to suit the needs of the toddler group, however if your child feels more comfortable using a potty please make sure your child’s room teacher is aware.
The toddler room is set up with different areas of interest: quiet area, block area, drama, gross and fine motor, manipulative toys, and sensory experiences.
Nap-time for the toddlers is encouraged between the hours of 12:00 to 2:00. During this time the playroom is converted to a rest area, where each child has his/her own resting cot. The centre supplies cot sheets and parents are encouraged to bring in a blanket during this time. The sheets are washed on a weekly basis or as required at the centre. Parents are required to take home their child’s blanket once a week for washing. As a reminder due to health and safety reasons we do not encourage the use of a bottle at rest time.


St. Lawrence Coop Daycare Inc. – Infant and Toddler Centre 
4 Market Street Toronto, Ontario M5E 1M6
Closest Intersection: Esplanade and Jarvis Located south of the St. Lawrence Market
Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Monday to Friday Inclusive
Closed on Statutory Holidays
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Amharic, and Arabic
Parking: 3 designated spaces to pick up and drop off (10 minute maximum)
Supervisor: Grace Kingston

Telephone: 416 363-5989
Fax: 416 363-7830
E Mail: